Little Village Collaborative


Little Village Collaborative 

Created by Kristi Keefe (

Little Village Collaborative encapsulates the three domains in which I currently find joy working with children and families.  

(1) Little Village is my part-time, home+nature based toddler program in downtown Grass Valley.  

(2) Village in Motion is my music and movement program for children ages 0-4yrs and their caregivers, currently hosted by Sierra Nevada Children's Services, and produced in collaboration with The Nest (our beloved local family resource program).

     (3) KK Consults - I offer consulting support for both teachers and parents.  Whether you're a new educator/caregiver looking for overall support in figuring out how to get started, or an experienced educator/caregiver looking for ways to delve deeper into this work - I'd love to support you on your journey.  

And if you're a parent who is looking for insight around their child's behaviors, what unmet needs may lie beneath , and how to bring you closer together and in greater harmony with one another - I can help!   I've spent my life observing and engaging with young children and they have taught me SO very much about what it feels like to be small, often powerless, yet equally complex members of our society.  

Village in Motion

Music&Movement Program

KK Consults

Consultation Support for Parents and Teachers