What is our Mission?

While careers and/or wanderlust may often carry us great distances from our families and our core communities, this doesn't mean we can't manifest a loving and supportive community in whatever city we choose to call home.  My program is an integral part of this idea.  Your child will enjoy days with friends and a fun, imaginative, and experienced teacher, as they explore and learn more about their world and themselves.  Through new friendships and a network of families brought together through shared interests, a Little Village is formed.   And whether you need help with a difficult developmental stage, or simply a difficult day, I hope that my knowledge and experience will serve as a valuable resource to you and your family.  My job is to support you, as you are your child's greatest teacher and number one advocate.  Little Village is a place where your child will be celebrated as the individual they are, while also learning how to be a part of a larger community.  


Our classroom environment is simple and peaceful, leaving room for our own imaginations and creations to fill the space. 


Home-based Early Childhood Programs, such as mine, are a wonderful way to bridge the gap between being home with family and going off to school.  At Little Village, your child will participate in activities that promote learning in all of the standard academic subjects, while doing so in a way that feels like adventure and play. 

- Math and Science are embedded in activities, games, songs, and projects, so that your child is learning in a hands-on and interactive manner. 

- We will also learn about whole foods and healthy eating through fun and easy cooking projects which empower kids and promote healthy living. 

- Dance and movement will be a part of our morning routine, so as to establish an awareness and connection to our bodies,  while also building coordination and promoting brain development! 

- Music will be valued as the healing, inspiring, and expressive art form that it is through daily listening activities coupled with complimentary kinetic activities.  As the daughter of two musicians and a musician myself, I am always excited to find new ways to incorporate music and rhythm into our days together.

- Loving language will be modeled and discussed throughout our day, and an emphasis will be placed upon using kind words with our friends when expressing our boundaries and our needs. 

- Our mornings include big blocks of uninterrupted, open-ended, and mostly outdoor play, so that every child's innate interests and abilities have ample time and space to be explored and expressed at their own pace. 

- And last but not least, the values of friendship and community will be modeled by adults, while also being taught through group exercises and discussions, so that children recognize and internalize the sometimes delicate art of loving one another and living together in our Little Village.