Consulting Services 

Consultation Rate: $140/session

This includes 1hr of in-person dialogue and observation  + 1hr of capturing ideas and insight into a document.

This offering is for both Caregivers/Teachers or Parents.

For Parents and Educators

I've been lucky enough to spend my whole life playing with, listening to, and observing young children.  This time spent in close proximity to individual children, siblings, and groups of children has provided me with a keen understanding of what children might be trying to communicate through their behaviors, how a caregiver might shift their own behavior to make space for what the child is attempting to share/communicate, and how both parties might be able to communicate more clearly in the future.  

I enjoy collaborating with parents and educators to offer a greater understanding of their child's temperament, strengths, and personal challenges, so they may begin to see the underlying needs at the root of it all.  This work often involves some self-reflection and self-exploration work for the grown up involved, as every human dynamic consists of the needs, expectations, and behaviors of both the adult and the child.  Often my work involves helping caregivers slow down their response time in order to

1) meet their own needs first, (if possible), as this helps them to find and maintain their calm center

2) remind themselves what the appropriate developmental expectations are for their little one in that moment 

3)  respond from that conscious place.  

Caring for small children often highlights within us the parts of our inner child that are still in need of healing and tending to.  And it's those immature and hurting parts of ourselves that often drive our own behavior when we are feeling tired, tense, anxious, or stressed.  Practicing the slow art of noticing and tending to our own hurt can make all the difference in the world.

Especially for Educators - Home-based programs are my specialty, but I have worked in standard classrooms as well.

I have  arranged and re-arranged 7 different classroom environments over the course of my education career.  I have envisioned and re-envisioned each of them many times, with the understanding that the classroom environment truly is the child's third teacher (first being parent, second being classroom teacher).  I also have tried on many different teaching philosophies, including TraditionalTeacher-led, child-led, Reggio, Waldorf, play-based, nature-based, project-based, etc...  Let me help you find a style that feels most alive for you and your cohort.  Let's exchange ideas and explore the different ways that your space can be arranged to suit your teaching philosophy and your age group.  Let's talk about how art and music can be used, how documentation can offer important reflective opportunities, and how you can manage the deep and dynamic work you will do each day, without burning out! 

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