Step One

The first step in the admission process for Little Village is to read through my website and get a feel for my approach toward early learning.  I also ask that you take the time to read through my Parent Handbook in its entirety and look closely at my policies and procedures.  If you feel confident that your family is aligned with my approach and can comply with my policies, then send me an email at and let me know that you're interested in taking the next step!

Step Two

If a family's needs and my offerings are compatible, then we will arrange a home visit next.   This is our chance to sit down and have a little Q&A together.  We will get to know one another better and get a better idea of what our collaboration might look like.  I also use this as an opportunity to observe your child in their natural habitat so that I can begin to get a sense for their temperament, developmental stage, and  personal interests, in order to determine how they might fit into our small group setting. This visit will take 30-45 minutes.

Step Three

If you're still interested in a spot at Little Village, I will invite you in for a site tour next.  Your visit will be about 30min long and this is your chance to see our beautiful space and observe how your child engages with the environment and with the children already enrolled in the program.  This is also a great opportunity for your child to see me again and get to know me a little bit in my role as caregiver.  The home visit and tour both allow for an easier transition into my program, should we choose to partner together.  

Step Four

After these steps have been taken, we will consider all that we have uncovered and explored and determine whether or not my offerings and your needs make a good fit.  If so, I will send you an email officially inviting you to join our village.   I need to receive a non-refundable supplies fee as well as a Security Deposit in the amount of one month of tuition in order to secure your spot.  This Security Deposit will be retained and applied to your child's final month at Little Village - whenever that may be.  

*** In the event that a family moves through these four steps, commits to and reserves a spot in the program, and then later drops out (before their child's first day of school), their security deposit will not be returned, but will be retained to cover the time it takes to move through the admissions process with a new family.

Schedule Details at Little Village

Our weekly schedule for the 2023/2024 school year is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday,  8am-4pm.

Our weekly schedule for the 2024/2025 school year will change to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8am-4pm.

Due to my small class size of five children, I can only offer one part-time position at Little Village.  

Part-Time can be a mornings-only option (8am-11:45am) for 3days/week 


Part-Time can be a full day option (8am-4pm), but for only 2days/week 

I may or may not have this option available when you choose to enroll, so if you're interested - please ask me early in the process.